Environmental Research

I have formally  completed  my  bachelor’s  degree  in  Environmental  Economics  and  Policy,  and  have  more  recently completed my master’s in Environmental Governance. These degrees give me a comprehensive background in policy making processes, funding mechanisms, and climate and land related policy on an international level. My research has only increased my drive to contribute the sustainability/humanitarian effort, and especially in communication and stakeholder coordination.

I have experience using the scientific method, as well as qualitative data collection and analysis using systems such as SPSS. My past research has been in the areas of sustainability, resilience, and economics, however I am confident I can apply a rigorous approach to any problem.

Past Projects

Master’s Thesis

Community Resilience to Climate Change Disasters: Comparing how Rotterdam and New York City approach community resilience in policy

I completed my thesis research on community resilience to climate change disasters, as a comparison between New York City and Rotterdam. This research revealed the importance of communication in communities and municipalities as a method to facilitate leadership, raise awareness, and improve social and economic conditions. My thesis was a nine-month process and during this time I gained experience in research and translating my learnings into layman’s terms so that it is also accessible to the public. My research was eventually published by Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Please let me know if you would like to read my report!