Event Coordination

I have coordinated a diverse set of events and to complete this work, I had to have awareness and sensitivity of different cultures and ability to communicate cross-culturally, as these delegates were coming from  all over the world. At times the logistical organisation and communication could be difficult, but I learned valuable lessons about preparedness and communication with both attendees and parties involved in setting up the events. Below each description is a list in italics of the documentation available.

Do you have an upcoming event or conference? I have helped organise conferences, both large and small, on a variety of topics. I am sure I can help you execute your event and get maximum results.

Past Projects

Resilience Work Week 2017

The Resilience Work Week was an event I helped coordinate at Cordaid, which took place in late June 2017. This involved creating interesting and informative working sessions around the theme of resilience, and an agenda for a three day event for all Cordaid employees working in resilience around the world.

Resilience Work Week Agenda


Adaptation Futures 2016 Conference

For this conference I created orientation documents for all international delegates, including a comprehensive description of the city of Rotterdam, a ‘do-it-yourself’ tour of the sustainable sites in the city, as well as a schedule of the conference. With over 1700 participants from 103 countries, including Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, as well as a restricted budget from ministry, this required a high level of planning and budgeting as well as the coordination, scheduling, and management of corporate and government staff over a short time frame.

Adaptation Futures 2016 Agenda


European Green Office Summit 2015

This was an event I assisted with during my time working as the Green Office Coordinator for the Netherlands and Belgium. Green Offices are sustainability ‘hubs’ located in most Dutch universities, as well as a growing number world wide. This was a meeting of 25 Green Offices from 6 countries to exchange ideas and gather inspiration. I helped create the 3 day agenda, as well as facilitating several sessions on communication strategies and idea sharing between offices.

The goals of the EGOS are:
– To motivate, inspire, connect and empower students, staff and alumni of established Green Offices and those still lobbying for funding;
– Learn about sustainability and improving your professional competencies;
– Strengthen the connection between GOs and sharing lessons learned


Netherlands Green Office Excursion 2015

This was another event I created during my time as the Green Office Coordinator for the Netherlands and Belgium, and has now become a yearly tradition amongst Dutch Green Offices. This is a team building event where all employees from Dutch Green Offices are invited to a chosen location in the Netherlands to exchange ideas, raise questions, and get to know each other in a more casual setting.


SusTasty 2015

While I attended the University of Utrecht I worked as the Campaign Coordinator for the university’s Green Office. One of our goals was to show the university that students demand more sustainable food options on campus. To do this I created SusTasty, a three day sustainable food festival at the university, with the intention to measure demand for sustainable food options on campus through surveys. This has now become a yearly event for Utrecht University and continues to grow in size.